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SEI Podcasts

Oct 7, 2014

Organizations of all sizes in both the public and private sectors are increasingly reliant on information and technology assets, supported by people and facility assets, to successfully execute business processes that, in turn, support the delivery of services. Failure of these assets has a direct, negative impact on the business processes they support. This, in turn, can cascade into an inability to deliver services, which ultimately impacts the organizational mission. Given these relationships, the management of operational cybersecurity-related risks to these assets is a key factor in positioning the organization for success.In this podcast, Jim Cebula, the Technical Manager of the CERT Cybersecurity Risk Management Team, discusses a taxonomy that provides organizations with a common language and terminology they can use to discuss, document, and mitigate operational cybersecurity risks. The taxonomy identifies and organizes the sources of operational cyber security risk into four classes: (1) actions of people, (2) systems and technology failures, (3) failed internal processes, and (4) external events. This podcast is based on an SEI technical report and blog post.  Listen on Apple Podcasts.